An open letter to confused British Muslims.

Now not for one minute am I representative of the 1.6million British Muslims. I am just an ordinary guy writing on this here blog.

Stop playing the victim! You are NOT opressed in the UK. Your parents and grandparents came to this country to give you opportunities that they could only dream of, many coming here with only the clothes on their back and a few pennies to their name. Why are some of you chucking that back in their faces. They had to go through barriers that were REAL social barriers, not the ones some of you are putting up yourselves. If they learned to integrate and still stay true to their religion, why the hell can’t you?

Yes the media has fuelled a lot in recent years, yes there is a lot of Western hypocrisy out there, but friggin’ rise above it. Islam taught you love, peace and forgiveness. Turn the other cheek. You are living your life for you and only you. YOU will be judged on judgement day for YOUR actions. So why are you not taking the opportunities given to you to both lead the life of a good Muslim and make a good person out of yourself.

Rise above the hate, become successful and stamp your authority that way. Yes, some of us feel caught between two worlds sometimes, including me, but surely the best answer is to make a good life for yourself in whatever way possible. Your religion is a framework for you to have good morals and a good moral compass and you can lead a moral life whatever country you are in. IF you perceive this country to be so immoral, IF that is true, and you STILL manage to live a good life, well is that not a victory for yourself you can be proud of?

Ignore the haters, pray that they will educate themselves instead of blindly believing everything they are told. Pray that you will edcuate yourselves too. Allah gave you a brain. Use it and think for yourselves instead of letting yourself getting swayed by other people. Imams and other Islamic scholars voice their opinion which they are entitled to. They have no god-given power to dictate how you should live your life. That is in YOUR hands so do it.

Most of all, do not feel isolated. You are not. Believe it or not, you are priviliged to be living in one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Be angry at foreign policy if that is your desire but do not let that ruin your own life and give ammo to the haters. Be open to debate. Let others ask questions of you instead of them coming to their own misguided conclusions.

Stop with this ‘them and us’


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