Mashreque – What is it?

So…Mashreque.  That is my name and I have ID available to prove it on request.  I am 30 years young, single, a Tory voter, support Spurs and have lived in London or Surrey* all my life.

*dependant on whether you think living in a London borough overrides living in a Surrey postcode or whether you think living in a Surrey postcode overrides living in a London borough.

I feel most of the time, I am Mash-understood by people.  I am not a typical Asian guy.  Most of the time I am not even a typical guy! For those reasons, I think I often surprise people with how I am.  To most, I am a quiet, self-concious yet pleasant,witty and intelligent guy.  To others I am all of the above with a twist of dark horse.

In a nutshell:

  • British Bangladeshi
  • 30, innit.
  • Currently working as a Business Analyst
  • Socially somewhere between liberal and conservative, religiously liberal
  • Strongly opinonated yet at the same time diplomatic
  • A brother to one sister
  • Great passion for both reading and travelling
  • Chronic wikipedia-ist
  • I like lamb.

The Beginning: I was born in a crappy hospital in Tottenham, London, in the year of 1983 to Bangladeshi parents.  We lived in Tottenham until I was 3, by which time we had been robbed half a dozen times and my mum mugged another half a dozen times.  Ever since, I have been living in the leafy suburb of Wallington on the outskirts of Greater London.  It’s that place no-one has heard of so to my disgust (and my audience), if asked where I live, I reluctantly plump for Croydon. I was a quiet but fast learner growing up (never really a hard worker) and following my primary education, went on to Wallington County Grammar School where any popularity revolved around my unusual name rather than anything else.  Never part of any clique, I spent my high school years flitting from group to group.

The Middle: Upon getting my GCSE’s and A-Level’s, I finally discovered the other gender!  It was a painful introduction consisting of slurring words and sweaty palms but I grew in confidence as I went on to the University of Essex.  After five (yes, five!) years, I finally graduated with a 2:1 in Business Management in 2007.  My working life since graduating has mainly been as some sort of Analyst.  I have been a Commissions Analyst, a Commissions Analyst again, a Commercial Analyst, a Sales Analyst and as of last week, I am now a Business Analyst.

The End: God knows.


2 thoughts on “Mashreque – What is it?

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